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We designed Mobiscope with the key idea in mind that our service should be as simple as possible. The demo scheme above shows how Mobiscope works and what it has to offer. Click on a circle to start the demo and view some of the possible ways to use Mobiscope.

Monitor Your Baby

Keep an eye on your baby when you're miles away from your home. Remote video monitoring and instant notifications to your iPhone or Android will help you make sure your child is okay. Watch how nanny is treating your infant and record the most precious videos. Know more about baby monitoring.

Watch Your Pets

Thanks to Mobiscope, you may now leave your pet unattended and still be sure your little friend is okay. Use your mobile phone, PC or laptop to monitor the activity of your cat, dog, hamster or lizard. Show your family and friends how funny your beloved pet is. Learn more about pet monitoring.

Check on the Elderly

Mobiscope is a simple and affordable way to stay in visual contact with your beloved elderly people. You're enabled to check on whether your mom and dad, grandpa and grandma are taking their medication or simply doing well. Make sure caregivers are in time doing their job well. More about mobile video surveillance.

Secure Your Property

Protect your business and feel safe about your house when you're out. Use your smartphone, feature phone or tablet to monitor shelves in your store or view your property remotely. Mobiscope provides live feed right from your on-site cams and notifies you of suspicious motions via email and Push notifications. Read more about home/business security.

Enjoy Viewing World Public Cams

Using Mobiscope you can view public cams located in different located in places of interests worldwide. There are multiple webcams organized into categories, including Animals, Birds, Landscapes, Airports, Skyscrapers, Hotels, and more. Go to Public Cams now to view live video feed on your screen.