About Mobiscope and What We Stand For

Mobiscope helps you to keep an eye on things that matter to you - at any time, from anywhere. We offer web and mobile applications for you to monitor your property remotely from your mobile device or computer. Since its inception in 2012, our company has made a great deal of investment in mobile app development to grow and become one of industry-leading providers of mobile video surveillance services for home and small business.

Mission and Advantage

We stand for making mobile video surveillance as simple and affordable as efficient. And we keep this idea in mind when developing and improving whole range of Mobiscope products. We believe that our solution brings simplicity and effectiveness. Mobiscope is a simple and affordable solution when it comes to using your mobile and ordinary webcams to set everything up in minutes and enjoy watching live video feed. It is effective as you can monitor things remotely, get motion detection alerts to your inbox or as Push notifications, record video from your cams, make snapshots, and playback recordings.

Achievements and Recognition

Among Mobiscope's achievements there are winning the Startup Toaster Competition at IDCEE 2013, Kiev, and referential cooperation with Asante and Foscam camera manufacturers. Asante recommends Mobiscope to view Asante Smartbot Voyager and Voyager II network security camera. Foscam includes Mobiscope in the list of supported software on their website. Since May 2013 Mobiscope is an authorized Axis Developer Partner.

How can Mobiscope help my business?

Mobiscope helps you keep an eye on your office when you're away from it. Our video surveillance service will connect your mobile device, PC or Mac with your on-site cameras over the Internet. You'll always know what your colleagues or subordinates are doing in your absence. It improves security of your office - the service detects suspicious motions and sends you alerts.

How can I use Mobiscope at home?

Mobiscope lets you stay aware about how your family is doing when you're at work, on a business trip, or away just for an hour. You won't worry about your little baby or elder parent - Mobiscope lets you use your ordinary webcam as a surveillance camera to watch your dearests remotely. What's more, you get live video feeds from multiple home cams to check on your family and see your pets on one screen.

Mobiscope has become the quality provider of video surveillance service in the marketplace. We believe that by providing you with our state-of-the-art service you'll enjoy simplicity and effectiveness in mobile video monitoring as well as stay close to your family and friends when you're miles away from them. Sign up for Mobiscope now and get your free trial!

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