Mobile Surveillance

Use any mobile device (iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop) to watch live stream from surveillance cameras. Monitor things happening in your house, apartment or place of work remotely. Know what your family or roommates are up to when you're out. Things are just one fingertip away from you!

Home & Small Business Security

Ease of mind and affordable video surveillance service for home and small business owners. Use your iOS, Android, PC or Mac to check on your property at any time from anywhere. Motion detection alerts and automatic recording will keep you aware of what's going on when you're out.

View Front Door Camera on Mobile

The front door of your residence is the gateway to your life. Whether it's your house, apartment and office, there is always plenty of activity out there. Mobiscope gives the feeling of having control over such things - you can view door cameras remotely from any mobile.

Baby Monitor

Video surveillance service designed to help you make sure your baby gets attention when needed. Check on nanny, monitor seniors and secure family. Watch how your child is playing in the nursery, even if you're miles away. Record precious videos and never miss a moment in the lifetime of your infant!

Pet Monitor

You may now leave your lovely pet unattended in your house and still be sure your little friend is all right. Use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to monitor activity of your puppy, cat or squirrel remotely. Be sure pet sitter walks and feeds your companion on time.

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Video Surveillance at Any Time on Any Device

Remote Camera Viewing on iPhone and Android

Connect to your video monitoring system while at work, on a business trip or taking a vacation and view things that matter to you - remotely on any device!

Mobiscope streams live video feed to any mobile device from IP or web cameras. Use your iPhone, Android or even laptop to view security network cameras or regular webcams remotely.

Remote Camera Viewing on iPhone and Android

24/7 Mobile Video Surveillance Worldwide

Keep a close eye on your home, place of work or friends at any time from any place. Live video stream from surveillance cameras is in your pocket.

Mobiscope video surveillance service works 24 hours 7 days a week worldwide. Check on your family, monitor your office or view your pets anytime from mobile.

24/7 mobile video surveillance worldwide

Simple and Affordable - Set Everything up in Minutes

You don't have to be an expert in remote video monitoring and security surveillance. And you don't need to pay someone to set everything up.

Run the app on any smartphone or tablet, connect to ordinary webcams in seconds over the Internet - and here you go! Monitor your home and office on mobile.

Simple and Affordable - Set Everything up in Minutes

Home and Business Security Surveillance with Ease

Push Notifications and Email Alerts

You don't need to connect to security cameras every minute to check on your family and property - because Mobiscope will do everything for you.

The service detects motions and automatically alerts you via email and Push notifications. You'll be always aware of what's going on in your house, apartment or place of business.

Push notifications and email alerts

Video Recording and Storage

Even if you're miles away from your family and work, you still can view things that matter to you, record favorite moments and store recordings.

Mobiscope automatically records and safely stores footage. You can also record video manually and watch recordings later using Android, iPad, iPhone or any web browser.

Video Recording and Storage

Multiple Cam Views on one Screen

If you're going to use several or more cameras for mobile video surveillance, it won't be a challenge for you to bring them all straight to your mobile.

Using Mobiscope, you can display up to 4 cameras on the screen of your iPhone or Android. Watch your kids, pets, friends and colleagues at once from the same device.

Multiple Cam Views on one Screen

Large Collection of Public Cameras

Free Webcams from All over the World

Plenty of public cameras and webcams are available for free viewing. See the funniest animals, witness rush hours at airports, observe tides, check weather, and more. Mobiscope provides a large collection of public and web cameras from the most interesting places on the globe. Watch them all for free on Android, iPhone, iPad or in any browser.

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